Our ‘ Private Managed Account’ product is a proven, exciting offering to launch from the Bentley Intelligence brand.  We harness our established Artificial Intelligence technology, which uses sophisticated statistical analysis and proven machine learning methods to signal profitable trades within global football markets around the world.  Now, our managed accounts allow individuals to benefit from the huge upside profit potential whilst maintaining full control over their funds. Download our brochure today!!! The product is simple; we have responded to the desires of stockholders and everyday investors, who want consistent profits whilst feeling totally safe and having the flexibility to both add and withdraw funds whenever they need.  Now, we allow investors to open your own betting accounts on our bespoke, industry-leading trading platform.  You maintain full control of your own account whilst giving us access to place trades on your behalf. To facilitate this we request that the client signs a Limited Power of Attorney. As an investor, you can see your trades and account statement every day and you maintain complete account control.   We offer a simple profit share agreement, which gives you a higher portion of the profit as you add more funds.  Therefore, whilst maintaining the robust risk management system we have developed, we only make money when your account makes money.  

Key Benefits

  • Profit from the Bentley Intelligence established Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technology in football betting markets.
  • Maintain complete control over your own betting account.
  • Full transparency.
  • Betting in your own account is free from income tax if you are resident in the United Kingdom for tax purposes.
  • Safety of trading with all client funds ring-fenced within our fully-licenced trading platform.
  • Simple profit share structure.


Our model was originally constructed by building vast databases of football match results and compiling hundreds of variables for each team and players within teams.  Classification methods were used to make predictions of winning trades across a number of different betting markets.  In effect, the system attempted to generate a more accurate probability than a bookmaker’s implied probability.  It would then make a trade and exploit this edge when odds were in its favour by a significant margin.  Over time, by incorporating more advanced machine learning techniques, we have been able to focus on the highest margin, most profitable trades.   Our statistical models focus on trading within football match markets where there is the greatest liquidity and, hence, where our “edge” is at its most pronounced.  The models have been continuously developed over the last 8 years; refined and enhanced by incorporating advancements in machine learning and data science.  The result is an artificially intelligent statistical methodology which has highly profitable live trading results over three years, along with consistent robust profitability in further back testing and simulations.  

Profit Share Structure

Bentley Intelligence operates a straight forward method to divide profits between investors and ourselves based on the total funds you have invested.  We do not charge management fees or entry / exit fees like traditional financial funds. Bentley Intelligence operates a straightforward method to divide profits between investors and the Company subject to a minimum investment of £20000. We do not charge management fees or entry / exit fees like traditional financial funds. All profits will be split on a 70:30 basis in favour of the client, with a monthly reconciliation of all amounts payable. We request our share of profit one month in arrears based on the profit of the account of the previous calendar month.  Our methods have been refined and proven over a long time, but if the account profit is negative one month then we do not take our share until the balance has recovered fully and we move back into profit. Download our brochure today!!!