Our Approach

our approach

BI is not claiming to have developed a model which produces a more accurate set of odds than those of the bookmaker...

…Nor do we pretend that we can predict the outcomes of soccer matches. 

BI focuses on finding and exploiting inefficient odds in the global soccer betting markets, having identified a small but definite edge which we can utilise both to our advantage and that of our clients. We use a combination of the following in our sports trading strategy: 

  • Quantitative Fundamental analysis of sports data.

Quantitative analysis of market prices.

  • Asymmetric information due to data points usually not considered. 

The automated sports trading strategy revolves around the process of value betting, the sports betting equivalent of value investing. We receive data from a portfolio of major global sportsbooks and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to estimate the true odds of the possible outcomes of upcoming soccer matches. Algol888 then scans the market to identify under-priced outcomes. 

Once we find these value bets, where we have a predetermined minimum edge and enough confidence in our estimations, our software automatically places the wagers according to set criteria for each league it monitors. We passionately believe that automated soccer trading is a viable means of providing steady, long-term profits. 

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