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The company already licences its trading algorithm, Algol888...

…to its associated company Bentley Global (UK) Limited (BG). BG set-up a 3-year bond which launched in February 2018 and which has over 300 bondholders and funds under management of £10m.

The opportunity now exists to utilise the additional liquidity afforded by the availability of a new tranche of liquidity resulting from the latest testing. As such, BI is working with Tokenise, the trading name of Kession Capital Limited. Tokenise has created a global dedicated regulated digital asset stock exchange, servicing investors and issuers around the world via a single order book.

Tokenise Stock Exchange is licensed in Barbados as one of the first international stock exchanges fully dedicated to digital securities and is part of Tokenise International with headquarters in London, UK. The exchange aims to lead the way for the next generation of capital markets and to establish a new benchmark for digital assets by utilising blockchain technology. BI is looking at the opportunity to issue £40m of listed bonds on the new exchange to reach out to a new and exciting audience.

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