Game Formats


Game formats

Bentley’s suite of online sports games, designed to engage users in the worlds leading markets

The Company has developed a suite of online sports games designed for the burgeoning gaming markets in the USA, India, Brazil and China. The games are all free to play and will be licenced to major gaming companies as they strive to both acquire and retain customers in new and existing territories.

The traditional predictor models have a proven track-record in customer acquisition, and it would be foolish for the company to ignore that capability. That said, where BI stands alone from other operators is in its ability to supplement the game offering with entertaining and relevant content via specialist short form video sport content. The company will specialise in matching video content to sports audiences thereby driving reach and virality.

Socceruno is the soccer version of a Pass The Parcel style game based on events in the live soccer game. It is easy to understand and again ties into the demand for in-play betting solutions.
Versions are in development for other sports, notably NFL, basketball, baseball and cricket.

Fute6ol is a simple prediction model based on picking 6 correct scores in a preselected
series of 6 games. As the name might suggest, this game is aimed at the
huge Portuguese-speaking Brazilian soccer market and will have two forms.
Firstly, a model with 6 matches drawn from the domestic Brazilian fixtures and a
second game involving 6 fixtures involving prominent Brazilian players who
represent clubs outside of their native country. Fut6ol is a similar offering aimed at
the Spanish-speaking countries in South America and the Hispanic population of
the US

New6all has been created specifically for the Indian market, New6all is a simple
Yes / No model based on the next over in a 20/20 game and can dilute over 1m
players into 1 single winner over the course of one innings.

Instead of a wheel, Roubette uses the ball moving from player to player as its game
mechanic, and again the operator has the opportunity to update his odds
throughout the course of the game, liaise with players and provide live statistics
around the game.

A game based on the ability to pick 4 players to be the first to be booked in 4
predetermined fixtures. As with all our games, there is a sizeable jackpot which
whilst it is achievable, it is difficult to win. Uniquely, we can provide the operator
with full marketing collateral, pushing supplementary written, social media, audio
and video backup not just to their website but to thousands of relevant URLs
across the chosen territory.

The Company has retained a portfolio of freelance broadcasters and journalists to complement its contact book of current and past sporting celebrities. We will utilise the services and facilities of CoreTV London to produce high-quality and engaging video content which supports our In-Pele game offerings.

A simple game involving a simple choice of “higher”, “lower” or “no more cards “in
terms of the shirt number of the next player to receive a red or yellow card having
correctly predicted the shirt number of the first player to be “carded”.

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