Football Trading Algorithm

We are often asked about our AI Football Trading Algorithm and, of course, we aren’t going to give away our ‘Bentley Family Recipe’ so why not build your own?
Here’s what you need to take into account (or at least what we do), The home team we will call Team H:-

    • The current league points difference between Team H and Team A
    • The aggregate points achieved by Team H in their last 5 league home  games (taking into account the points difference between Team H and their opposition).
    • The aggregate points achieved by Team A in their last 5 league away games (taking into account the points difference between Team A and their opposition).
    • Distance travelled by Team A to get to the game (we tend to concentrate on lower leagues so coach journeys on the day are inevitable).
    • Team News – it’s fair to say that a starting 11 with an aggregate OPTA rating than exceeds the aggregate OPTA rating of the opposition’s starting 11 will emerge victorious.
    • The odds (on the Asian Handicap)

Easy? Now apply the above to each and every one of the (up to) 500 games over any weekend.

Our algorithm applies on in game betting too.

If you are interested in joining us via a Private Managed Account, please email

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