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The Global i Gaming Market depends heavily on effective and reliable customer lead generation. Approximately 40% of operators’ total annual marketing budgets are spent with affiliates generating customer leads. The traditional quantitative approach has become increasingly inefficient for iGaming operators who will instead pay a premium for targeted streams of valuable new customers with an inbuilt focus on retention. Our partnership with Quanta allows us access to their bespoke platforms and IP, technology and personnel, thereby enabling us to deliver these targeted streams.

Bentley now has access to more than 1,500 domains and is rolling out across the Quanta network Q3and Q4 2020.

Our addressable market in iGaming lead generation is extrapolated from KPMG reports and estimated to grow from $7.5bn in 2020 to $12.9b in 2025 representing CAGR of 11.5%. BI will be a global player in the industry by combining activity in all major markets with a specialist emphasis on massive emerging markets where we can capitalise on our local market knowledge. Our first priority is Latin America. In Q4 2020 we will begin our entry into Brazil, a market with an estimated gross gaming revenue (GGR) of $2.1bn. Several additional markets including Holland and Belgium will be immediately available to BI when regulation permits. Meanwhile, the groundwork for entry into the next significant emerging market in Asia is currently being laid with India a priority.

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