Brian Bentley

Brian Bentley

Technical Director

Sky Sports, ESPN Star Sports, SIS, At The Races, Talksport, William Hill TV, Playboy.

Brian joined Bentley Intelligence to support the development of algorithmic trading models across the firm’s asset portfolio.

He has an extensive experience of operational management, strategy and financial analysis across a range of industries and works closely with the Portfolio Management Team in the development of trading strategies.

Prior to his career, Brian gained a degree in Physics from the University of Kent and subsequently moved into computer modelling using the structured programming languages of the time – Fortran, Cobol and C.

Brian quickly realised the potential of adapting and applying sophisticated modelling techniques to the world of sports betting and developed models to take advantage of price inefficiencies. Aside from sports analysis, his personal research interests have been in creating arbitrage oil prices and modelling the economic effects of government regulation following financial crisis.

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