Brazil Makes Sense

Why does betting on Brazilian football present good value?
We’ll be brief and do what we do best – analyse the statistics.

  1. The average home field advantage in Serie A has been hovering around 1.75 points per game for the past five season, which is higher than eight other major domestic leagues. In Serie B, it climbs even higher as a distinct lack of funding means that away teams travel sometimes vast distances, by coach, on the day of the match itself.
    Conclusion:- You’d have to be extremely brave to bet on the away team.

    It is worth noting that, in Brazilian Série A, again over five seasons, some 28% of games finish in a draw, a higher percentage than three big European Leagues – La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga. Serie B follows suit.
    Conclusion:- Don’t bet on the away team unless the odds are huge and their form is scintillating.

  2. Here, at Bentley Intelligence, we have a formulated algorithm that will, when processing all the stats, form and odds – throw up (maybe) two Brazilian League games where, utilising the Asian Handicap, where we can eliminate the draw, there is a more than 82% chance of correctly predicting that the home team will deliver us a profit. Okay, so the odds may not be world shattering but a win is a win.
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