Soccer trading app

Bentley XL Soccer Trading App

A Soccer Trading app built on AI, to capitalise on a booming day-trading market.

The directors have identified a major opportunity which exists for the sports trading algorithm to offer the huge day-trading community the ability to add soccer trading to their investment portfolio, all underpinned by a decentralised ledger ie a blockchain network. This would allow multiple users to access our daily trades, once we have executed our transaction, by uploading our selections from the day’s sporting events to a centralised platform with fully attested results.

There has been an explosion in the number of day-traders in lockdown with platforms such as RobinHood in the US and Plus500 and Hargreaves Lansdown in the UK reporting hundreds of thousands of new clients in 2020. The Bentley XL app will allow the day-traders access to our trading model with the company earning a monthly management fee based on client turnover. All facets of the selection and the corresponding client trade are handled by decentralized “actors”, and the automatic execution of the smart contracts ensure that transactions occur exactly as intended. The trading data, once written to a public blockchain, cannot be altered. There will be a significant social media marketing exercise to accompany the launch of the app and preliminary discussions have already taken place with two of the most successful day- trading platforms. The Company is currently in the betatesting stage of the app development and will be seeking pre-registration of users in Q2 of 2021.

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