Bentley Intelligence Limited (BI) has created a new, alternative asset class based on global soccer trading. The class operates an uncorrelated investment strategy, independent of prevailing economic conditions; in our opinion it is recession-proof and offers returns independent of any other mainstream investment product.


Delivering an 83% Return on Capital

Across H2 2020

Diversifying your Investment Portfolio

Proprietary Algorithm



Our Technique

Proven Track Record

High earning potential

Automated Betting

Advanced strategies

Bentley Global has developed its own trading algorithm (“Algol88”), based upon artificial intelligence (“AI”) which constantly refines and innovates the underlying assumptions and strategy. The trading system continuously evolves, and the self-learning algorithm develops with each trade. The system has been back-tested on 5 years of historical data and has been privately traded for 2 years successfully. Delivering an 83% Return on Capital in the 7 months since 1 June 2020.

The techniques involve a new method of calculating match importance using Monte Carlo simulation. Using

betting odds and actual results across many leagues and seasons of global football, it does not require ex-post information and can be used for any type of season outcome.

The results have offered compelling evidence that our finely tuned sports trading methodology involving a solid selection process and optimized staking strategy has the potential to produce large profits with managed risk exposure.

Our technology then presents the opportunity for professional investors to execute advanced automated betting strategies, based on machine learning (artificial intelligence) and statistical techniques.

Facilitating automated betting strategies

For Investment professionals.