Blockchain and US

The digital definitions of ‘blockchain technology’ are deliberately complicated simply to disguise the fact that ‘blockchain’ has been with us since the dawn of the sales ledger.

Ok, the technology behind blockchain has moved on (and continues to develop) from pen and paper and is now totally reliant on the internet.

So, where and how does Bentley Intelligence use blockchain technology?

Firstly, we have to explain what our blocks are and how they link together into a chain than powers our trading systems and, ultimately, delivers consistent profits into our funds – profits for us and our clients.

Two Parallel Chains

The definition of a block (in digital terms) is a record that, once timestamped, is ultimately extremely difficult to modify. In our case, ours are impossible to edit or delete as they represent historical trades – the source of which is in the public domain.

Chain 1 is made of blocks that are (GDPR protected) records of our investors. A digital record that, in paper form, has been around for centuries. Personal details, amount invested, guaranteed return values, bank details, dates etc.. – all under our licensing and regulatory requirements. This blockchain will only come into contact with Chain 2 under audit conditions.

Chain 2 – The Trading Chain

The blocks that make up Chain 1 add together to deliver us a ‘fund’ which is then divided amongst various secure financial systems – the one that is imperative here is the ‘trading fund’ – just 5% of the total fund.

Each and every trade is a well defined, timestamped block made up of the following records:- date, time, event, trade amount and gain. Seeing as though these trades are within a sporting environment, the date, time and event are very much in the public domain and whether they are difficult to amend post-event or not, the fact is that no-one can alter the result of (say) a football match once the final whistle has blown. This is a blockchain in its purest form. Each block is totally independent of the previous (or next) block and this blockchain itself only interacts with Chain 1 when we digitally move the gains from Chain 2.

There is an interesting article here but, once you’ve waded through the whole thing, you’ll realise that we have covered everything above (without disclosing what technology we actually utilise).


No Internationals ?

Whilst our clients prefer us to be continually busy, they also have a preference for us to make them a profit.

We simply do not trade international football. Form is irrelevant, team line-ups can be hit and miss and the home team venue can sometimes be described as ‘plain dodgy’.

While the ‘international break’ is on, there’s still plenty of second division downwards games for us to get our teeth into.

Why No Cups?

In relation to our previous post regarding our sports trading algorithm, it is plain to see that we avoid cup and knockout competitions.

Why is that?

In short, we don’t know what is going through the team manager’s head when it comes to prioritising one competition over another. We can’t forecast whether he’s already thinking about the next league game and rotating his starting XI accordingly. We can’t even begin to contemplate what the players are thinking, especially an away team and form, quite literally, goes out of the window.

20 years ago there was, maybe, one ‘cup upset’ a year. Now these so-called ‘upsets’ are common place as second fiddle teams play first XIs.

Lastly, there’s that old caviat of extra-time and penalties and, quite simply, it’s not something we want to get involved in.


Football Trading Algorithm

We are often asked about our AI Football Trading Algorithm and, of course, we aren’t going to give away our ‘Bentley Family Recipe’ so why not build your own?
Here’s what you need to take into account (or at least what we do), The home team we will call Team H:-

    • The current league points difference between Team H and Team A
    • The aggregate points achieved by Team H in their last 5 league home  games (taking into account the points difference between Team H and their opposition).
    • The aggregate points achieved by Team A in their last 5 league away games (taking into account the points difference between Team A and their opposition).
    • Distance travelled by Team A to get to the game (we tend to concentrate on lower leagues so coach journeys on the day are inevitable).
    • Team News – it’s fair to say that a starting 11 with an aggregate OPTA rating than exceeds the aggregate OPTA rating of the opposition’s starting 11 will emerge victorious.
    • The odds (on the Asian Handicap)

Easy? Now apply the above to each and every one of the (up to) 500 games over any weekend.

Our algorithm applies on in game betting too.

If you are interested in joining us via a Private Managed Account, please email

Brazil Makes Sense

Why does betting on Brazilian football present good value?
We’ll be brief and do what we do best – analyse the statistics.
1. The average home field advantage in Serie A has been hovering around 1.75 points per game for the past five season, which is higher than eight other major domestic leagues. In Serie B, it climbs even higher as a distinct lack of funding means that away teams travel sometimes vast distances, by coach, on the day of the match itself.
Conclusion:- You’d have to be extremely brave to bet on the away team.
2. It is worth noting that, in Brazilian Série A, again over five seasons, some 28% of games finish in a draw, a higher percentage than three big European Leagues – La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga. Serie B follows suit.
Conclusion:- Don’t bet on the away team unless the odds are huge and their form is scintillating.
Here, at Bentley Intelligence, we have a formulated algorithm that will, when processing all the stats, form and odds – throw up (maybe) two Brazilian League games where, utilising the Asian Handicap, where we can eliminate the draw, there is a more than 82% chance of correctly predicting that the home team will deliver us a profit. Okay, so the odds may not be world shattering but a win is a win.