BIOSCE is a wholly owned initiative of Bentley Intelligence.

Our Psychometric Testing compliments the well established sports performance and skills tests to produce a truly holistic picture of the candidates capabilities. Until now, it has been the head coach’s reponsibility to assess, purely through experience, aptitude and attitude.

Devised to aid sports psychologists to fully optimise the potential of the next generation of sports stars, the BIOSCE Psychometric Tests prove an invaluable tool in progress evaluation.

These tests are particularly suited to fast moving team sports where decision making and team work is vital i.e. football (soccer), rubgy, basketball and hockey where mental health and well-being are a major concern. Intervention could be part of any result if required.

Tests are timed, there are no ‘right or wrong’ answers and, upon receipt of payment (£14.99 per test), our resident Pshycometric and Behavioural Analyst will produce a personal and bespoke ‘report’ based on the test results. The tests may seem innocuous but there are certain questions that may produce answer patterns flagging up underlying issues.

To register for BIOSCE Psychometric Testing – follow this link.